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As it turns out I need money now for bills. It is not easy to live with a minimal salary and that is why I don’t have too much extra cash. This has caused me to be looking for payday loans and even those fast cash loans that can have the mony on your bank account the very same day. Needless to say that I still have good credit and don’t have any problems with my bills at the moment. Although there are some bad days ahead, I can tell because paying my internet bill and my electricity takes almost all of my paycheck.

It is not easy to be living in a rented house with a high rent. Paying for my living is a lot and when I star to think about how I can make up for all the money that is spent just to have a roof on my head I think I am going to lose it. The hardest part of the day is definitely looking at my account information and try to make a budget for the day. When you realise that you need money now it is not easy to get through the day. I try to not buy anything. I am even trying to spend a little less on my food and are eating mostly tuna at the moment. If that is what it takes then that is what I will have to do. Before I start making money with my experiments I need to be doing what is necessary.

It is not easy to start with the MMO scene since there are so many people trying to do everything they can to get you down. They will not say it to you directly but instead try to copy everything you are doing, because they are too lazy to do the research themselves. I need to be honest with you, I can’t say that I have come up with anything myself. I am simply copying things that some of the more experienced guys are doing and that is why I am not yet making too much cash. I need money now for bills but I do know that it takes time to get the cash rolling in.

I am not directly trying to copy people with their choices, but instead I am learning from the things they do. If you would say that writing about important financial issues like payday loans and instant money would get you some extra cash very fast then that is probably what I would do. The difference is that I am not going to write directly about these subjects but try to find out things that are closely related to this. By doing it this way, I am not only getting in some of the easy money from the people who are looking for answers using words that are not even closely related to the matter, but also I am getting some experiance in what is working and what is not. This blog is actually one of the things that I am trying to pull off. Since I am not looking for free money I need to be buying domains and other related stuff, but because this blog is more like a story I am writing about how badly I need money now for different reasons, and how I am going to get it, I don’t really intend to get the cash using this site.

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