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I have been in that situation. It was hard on me and if you have been there you know that it is not easy to realise that you need money for rent and you really have no way of getting it until it is due. You start searching for different ways to get it and you end upt finding a few companies offering payday loans. They have ridiculous interest rates and that alone makes it questionnable. I am not telling you not to take a loan but instead I advice that you know the terms that are accepting to; there are a lot of fast cash loan companies that don’t bother to present the terms and conditions too clearly, and you might end up paying a little more than exepted. When you are looking to pay your rent I suggest not to take out your credit card unless you really have to, instead try to find out different ways you can use to increase your income a little, so that you won’t have similar problems in the near future.

What to do if you need quick rent money

Don’t get me wrong here; you can’t actually earn a lot of money in a very short period of time. If you need to have a thousand dollars in two days then there is not much other options than to take out a payday loan or something similar. That kind of money can’t be made in a few days no matter what anyone tells you – unless you win the lottery and that is not the most lucrative business plan there is.  Your chances are slim to none, and you can increase the odds by buying a few more tickets, you need to get a million of them to significantly increase your odds. Even then you don’t have much chance of getting the jackpot. Although it sounds tempting since there is so much money on the line, but trust me when I say that you are better off trying to earn that much money, than trying to win the lottery… Well at least most of us are.

In my previous post I wrote about how you can get some quick money online and there I outlined a few basic methods that you can use to earn a little cash on the intenet but even if i t is considered a fast way it will take a few months to actually see money on your bank account. There are different payment tresholds that have to bee achieved and besides just that you need to veriffy bank accuonts and even after that it will take a long time for the money to arrive on your bank account. So if you need money now for rent that is already due, or in two three weeks that is not the way you can achieve it.  Those instant needs for money are always a hard thing and basically you will in almost all the cases have to resort to lending the money. Although you are going to face another problem when you need to start paying the loan back, and that is why you should try to start making more cash even before your payments are due. That way taking the loan won’t necessarily have to affect your life that much, since you will start to earn a little extra you can afford to easily pay that money back.

I hope that you did not get me wrong because of my previous post – that you could easily make cash on the internet and make it happen fast with the web 2.0 sites that allow you to display adsense and other form of monetization you will need to be able to create ridiculously huge amounts of high quality content in a short period of time. Basically that means working your ass off day after day and even in the nights. If you are creating a solid fifteen pages of good quality content per day, which are all backed up with a few promotional articles you can start to earn your rent money in no time.  I need money now- will no longer be a part of your vocabulary if you are able to produce content like Walker Internet Ranger .

Building The Authority When You Need Money

The biggest problem with me is not writing the stuff that I need; I can even write some high quality informative articles when I do enough research. My largest issue trying to come up with rent money is to actually to come up with the keywords that I build my articles around. For an already researched blog it is not that hard to look at your statcounter and see what words people are using to find your website, then build new posts around them to target them and eventually start gaining authority in the niche. When you are number one on the serps with each possible long tail that you can come up with you will eventually catch up with your targeted main keyword. When you build that site to be an authority in that niche you are going to be able to pull in traffic from other niches and even with keywords that are not that related to your website. If you have targeted your site to people who need money now for rent you might start receiving traffic from people using keywords that are related to renting a new home or trying to rent their house away. Those are somewhat related to your site but they are not actually what you are offering. The search engines start seeing your website as a  know it all site about rent.

The best thing that seems to be about authority is that you can rank to totally unrelated terms also. As you can see with niche websites there is the simple fact that you can get ranked for just a small amount of keywords in your niche. That means if you are niche site about tenants, and you are willing to bring people who need money for rent together and discuss about ways you can go to get some extra money. Then you will get ranked for all kinds of long tails that are related to needing money for rent. This will basically attract all kinds of tenants which is a large group of people.

As an internet marketer I see this actually quite reversed related to the view of others that I have read. Just like Lis is discussing authority sites on her blog, I look at it reversed. In my opinion Google seems to have a exponential growth when it comes to targeted keywords related to ranked keywords. I don’t know if it is just me who sees it this way, but when you are a small website with just a very few posts the search engines see you as very targeted. There can’t be a lot of information about everything since you only have so little content anyway. So they are going to push you in one locker no matter what. If you have a site that is poorly optimized you are going get stored in the box which says “WTF” on the top.  This means that your url means nothing, your website name means anothor and each one of your posts are about different things and each paragraph tells another story than the one before. Not even the people reading it realise what you are doing with your blog, and neither do you. So how can the search engines understand?

When you keep on growing a site like this you will eventually lose the WTF tag and ge an uncategorized tag which is in a bigger box. Keep on growing and you are in the general box where you can rank for many types of keywords. You will most likely not get the #1 rfanking for anything but you can get rank decently, even though a targeted site will blow by you in the serps. Targeted authority sites spell big ass money.

As far as I know you can build an authority site this way – there are a lot of nonsense blogs which have authority and the A-listers are living proof of this. This takes a lot of time and it will take you even more time to start earning any money with it. If you need money now just like I do then you had better start with the more targeted sites to be able to pull any traffic in whatsoever. Posting fluff is not going to get you there anyhime soon and even with laser aimed sites you are going to need time.

The whole consept of these sites can be easily understood when you think about the social media and the web 2.0 sites that first start ranking for their url. After that people start linking to them with the name of the site and then they can be easily found with their name. Too bad people would have had to hear that name somewhere if they want to find a social community since no-one is linking to them with those or similar words that they should be ranking for. After they start having hundreds of thousands of pages of unique content with a similar amount of backlinks which all are badly targeted (exept the ones that have been created by marketers) they get authority and eventually start ranking for long tails for almost anything. Think about it; if you use the search for a product name you will most likely see Amazon, Ebay etc. similar sites on the top of the serps. They are most likely outranking the manufacturers webpages because of the strong domain authority and the good internal linking of the website.

What Do You Need To Build A Site That Will Bring Your Rent Money

What are the easiest ways to build a website that is going to get the authority status?

  • Start a niche site in a niche that has many authority blogs
  • Write long posts that are each targeted to one or more long tails around your main keyword.
  • Expand your site to the unlimited. Keep on writing good quality content that is keyword targeted. Keep ‘em coming. Content is definitely not the king, but you cannot be an important site on the  eyes of search engines with three 400 word posts.
  • Get related backlinks to all your posts with all your longails as anchors (and a bunch of other related words).
  • And the last one. Get links from all the authority sites in your niche.

Who said it was going to be easy. If you need money now for rent then you had better be ready to do the work involved. For short term projects you are going to need a lot of work in a short amount of time. This basically means you will be doing the work that would normally take you months when spread to a few hours a day. If you would be doing two hours a day five days a week that would add up to ten hours a week. Spread this to six months and you basically have 250 hours of work. Squeeze that in to two weeks and you have Ben at Make Money Online With Chuck Norris who is making anyone of look ridiculous since he is working a full time offline job and pushing 10-12 hours of online work every day. I bet he no longer needs to be looking for rent money even though I remember him moving to a new apartment recently (correct me if I am wrong here).

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10 Responses to “How Can I Get Some Rent Money”

    Passive Income Says:
    August 30th, 2009 at 1:05 pm

    thanks for the link – yes I would say if you need money now for the rent money you really need to look at your options – building autority or niche sites is great but getting a job with the man that pays may be a better option if you need money to pay the rent this week or even the rent next month!

    Phil Reply:

    Yeah. Sometimes when you are targeting specific keywords you don’t necessarily find the inspiration to really write too much on the subject. This was mostly targeted to people who wanting to have an alternative method of paying their rent a year (or two) from now LOL.

    Ben Says:
    September 1st, 2009 at 7:16 pm

    Haha, thanks for the links! I did move into a new apartment — but trust me, I am still living getto style in a getto apartment, driving a getto car (that just stopped working). I’m now having to take the public transit lol. You could never tell I was making 5K+ a month + my job wages. Right now, all my online earnings do not exist in my daily life — pumping it all back into outsourcing, buying domains, getting backlinks and buying 2k domain names. My pace slowed down this past month though, probably got 40% done of what I normally do — social obligations, etc. Going to try and bring it back up this month though, I’ve way behind on my work.


    Phil Reply:

    I am currently living very cheap, and actually this apartment is better than you would normally get with this price. I am fed up with my dayjob that is totally eating up my productivity. Although I need more money to be able to quit, since my girlfriend is not working for the next three months because she has to focus on her studies. That basically causes me to support the “family” and for that my still quite modest online income is not enough. If I could be pounding 5k in a month I would basically making more than I would with any education in the first years of working. I just need to build up a more specific plan on how to get there. I will be throwing a bunch of links at you both since you are a force that keeps me going especially you Ben. There is something in reading about you making it happen so fast, and if I am able to put in half the work you did then in six months I am probably making a lot more…

    Broke Affiliate Says:
    September 2nd, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    Dammit, I knew I should’ve stopped reading those comments… So first of all, hey to you Phil, just read a ton of this blog- normally I would’ve read the entire thing but I’m trying to take the advice that I should stop doing that to heart, so I only read about two of your posts between articles. Great stuff; I feel like I should know most of this stuff already but there seems to be more to learn every time someone else posts. I thought I knew everything from Grizzly, then Ben of course turned my world upside down with some of his methods, and now you’ve got even more little ideas rattling around in my head!

    It’s kind of funny though, but when you broke it down into 250 hours of work, it sounds kind of small. I was just thinking how easy it would actually be to do 5 hours of work a day for 50 days straight- maybe take off a week and make it 57. But that’s neither here nor there; great post man, and great blog over all. Good luck to you on your money making ventures!

    Phil Says:
    September 3rd, 2009 at 4:40 am

    Thanks for the kind words. Don’t be reading my older posts.. I have been juggling between making this blog public and with some valuable information and actually blogging, and just making it a niche website that internet marketers build quite a lot.

    Don’t get me wrong; 250 hours is just the tip of the iceberg and if you intend to make any money, those 250 hours had better be hard ass work and not dicking around someones new mmo blog. If you can continuously work for 5 hours a day and actually make something happen – write articles and do keyword research and nothing else for those five hours – you are bound to see results eventually.

    I am not saying you should not do some reading and socializing since that can be quite important when you lock yourself in your apartment and don’t mix with people who are distracting your from your goals. But just don’t count that in your five hours of work: that won’t help you if you need money for rent.

    Broke Says:
    September 3rd, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    Completely agree about the work ethic. I admit I used to spend more time on forums etc. when first starting out, but now I’m definitely just straight article writing/ keyword researching for five hours a day (well, I personally end up working 10 hours a day for 4 days of the week and two more I have classes so I can’t work as much and one day off; I couldn’t pound the pavement like Ben without going insane).

    So if this is a possible niche targeting website instead of an actual blog, then do you have a site you’re going to blog on for sure?

    Phil Says:
    September 3rd, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    Heck. I think I am going to try to go at it the Grizzly way and make this a blog that is going to target this niche and be keyword optimized.

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